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U Skip Hire

A new name for local Skips, but still the same dependable Skip provider with our experienced and established team dedicated to cheap tailored skip hire prices for household, domestic, trade or commercial skip clients. By calling 01462 441125 we are able to provide competitive local skip hire with fast reliable Uskips delivered from our various locations. Deal direct with us, your regional rubbish / garbage Recycling Station for all size skips, as we can offer best price Skip Hire in all telephone code areas; 01707, 01582, 01438, 01767, 01992, 01442, 01727, 01763, 01462 or 0208 London codes.

Skip hire; London-Luton, Hitchin-Harpenden, Baldock-Biggleswade, Stevenage-St Albans, Hemel-Hertford.

Uskips Hitchin Stevenage, Welwyn Garden Hatfield, Sandy-Biggleswade Herts, Luton Bedford.
Uskips the new name

Our new 'U skips' are the latest big name for recycling in the UK. With YOU as priority, our Ultimate recycling Skips offer the best solution for rubbish disposal. With Uskips not limited to Hitchin Hertfordshire, U-Skip-Hire is already available throughout- Stevenage, Luton, Biggleswade, Sandy, Harpenden, Hatfield, Hertford, Welwyn Garden, St Albans and all areas in between or surrounding. Bulk waste recycling and Skip Hire efficiency are the reasons we can offer YOU our low cost U-skips, and with our built reputation for dedication, speed & reliablity, we really are the best choice for your local Skip Hire. Uskips are for traders or domestic household users, so please give us a call so we can continue to offer cheapest tailored price quotes for skip hire, waste management, recycling or garbage trash disposal solutions. Most Local Councils and London Boroughs are very strict with Licensing for Skip Hire but we are well established and aware of any procedures. Don't take chances with skiphire Agents or less established 'cheap' waste carriers, since these may lead to further costs or difficulties. You can have confidence with our Uskips.


Hitchin, Luton, Stevenage, Biggleswade, Harpenden, Hatfield, Welwyn Garden, St Albans... simply too many locations to list.
Our fleet are delivering/collecting Uskips or bulk waste haulage RoRo containers in these Counties daily; Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Essex, Middlesex & throughout North London. Small household Mini skip, trader, builder, commercial contracts, or all skip sizes, we are fully licenced in your area, check your postcode here.

We provide locally throughout; Hitchin, Luton, London Hatfield & St Albans, we have many Skip Hire sites, providing best priced USkips in- Hitchin, Letchworth, Baldock, Stevenage, all AL postcodes, all SG postcodes Hertfordshire; LU postcodes, Royston, Puckeridge, Buntingford, Hemel Hempstead, St Albans, Hatfield, Harpenden, Luton & Dunstable, Welwyn, Hertford, Welwyn Garden City, Bedford, Sandy, Biggleswade, plus our London bases cover all North London Boroughs; Barking-Dagenham, Barnet, Brent, Camden, Ealing, Enfield, Hackney, Hammersmith-Fulham, Haringey, Harrow, Havering, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Islington, Kensington-Chelsea, Newham, Redbridge, Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest, Westminster. We provide in further areas too.


Booking Skips

The best way to book Skip Hire is by calling our central operations office on 01462 441125 for a short discussion with an expert dedicated to providing cheapest cost local skips. This also makes it easier than us displaying various phone numbers, many complicated options, Skip sizes, and stating Skip Hire prices that aren't cheapest or best suited for you.

For convenience, you can book online securely or send a message using our contact form and we will certainly get back to you. Skip Hire & waste recycling is our priority so we really value your contact and are here to help. Local Skip Hire in areas not mentioned will be available, it is hard to name every area covered but certainly Skips in Hitchin, Letchworth, Stevenage, Baldock, are near to our main recycling center, with great low prices for all size Skips. However, Luton, Bedfordshire, Bedford and London Middlesex areas (Barnet & Enfield), have our largest daily coverage with Skip delivery. Our local surrounding telephone codes are; 01707, 01582, 01438, 01767, 01992, 01442, 01727, 01763, 01462 or 0208, check our 'Areas' menu link above and save Skip Hire costs wherever you are.

Book Online Now or use our simple and convenient Mobile App here.

Contact USkips

Our London Uskips Team are available direct on 0208 361 2221 or our main Skip Hire operations office 01462 441125 manages calls for all areas.
Address for Skip Hire correspondance is;  U Skip Hire Ltd, 5 Hunting Gate, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG4 0TJ
Email: use our simple secure online contact form

The new Uskips' site in Stevenage, telephone: 01462 453579


U Skip Hire; Stevenage, Hertfordshire, Hitchin, Luton Bedford.
  Skip Hire prices; Hatfield, Harpenden, St Albans, Hemel Hempstead, Welwyn Garden, Stevenage, Bedford.
  Cheapest price local skips. Skip Hire prices in Stevenage, Baldock, Hitchin.
Skip Hire quotes in Luton Bedford Sandy Biggleswade.
  Winters U Skip Hire cheap prices in Harpenden, Luton to Biggleswade or Hatfield to London St Albans.
  U Skip Hire; Stevenage, Hitchin, Luton.

Skip Hire Questions

Skip hire can be complicated even if we intend it to be simple. Do I need a permit? What can I put in skips? Please read below for answers to some commonly asked Skip Hire questions.

What is the cheapest price for skip hire? How much are Uskips?
Skip Hire prices are lowest when tailored to you. Area, skip size, permit, waste type, payment method, vehicle access, regular trade, length of time required, are all examples of why it will be cheaper to telephone us for skiphire quotes and not just pay someone online. Some skip hire providers may advertise low, accept your money, then add costs once you are committed. We are genuine and will simply help without any pressure or hidden costs.

Do I need a Permit?
Skip Hire Permits are needed in many areas if you cannot position the skip on your driveway or private land. Price for permits and length of time for issue can vary. There can be many conditions which we are responsible for making you aware of and these may be different with each Local Authority. If you need a Skip placed on the Public Highway you will need to discuss this with us before ordering.

How can I pay for my Skip Hire?
You can make payment over the phone by Credit or Debit card, or by paying cash on delivery. We also offer online booking where you can pay by Card. Accounts are provided for larger Trade Commercial users and we can accept direct Bank Transfers by discussing this with us at the time of order.

How long can I keep the Skip?
The standard period of hire is 7 days, although 14 days can be given on larger sizes. If you require longer it is best to request this at the time of booking. Certainly, you can arrange further time for your hire if you realise you will not complete your rubbish removal on time, but this may involve paying a small additional fee. The best option for longer hire is to keep us updated in advance.

What size of Skip do I need?
Skip physical sizes are shown but waste can sometimes be difficult to estimate. If rubbish sacks or using a family car or small van does not suit waste transfer, you are likely considering skip hire. In this instance, it is highly possible the smaller size 4 Yard Skips may not cope either, they are only suited if you are fully aware of your needs. Skips 6, 7, 8, are the general medium sizes and many users will go for the standard 8 Yard Builder Skip which copes for most waste removal projects. Larger sizes such as 10 or 12 Yard would be more suitable for commercial waste or bigger home improvement projects. We also have 14 or 16 Yard sizes that are popular for development sites and large home conversions.

How full can I fill the Skip?
To be safe for collection and transport, the skip must be filled flat and level with the skip sides (or lower). We request that all heavy items should be spread evenly, so that all the bulk of weight is not focussed to one side, end or corner. Do not use boards, doors or panels to increase the height of the skip. Overloading is a danger and will result in collection refusal, which will likely cause extra charge too.

What is 'Level load'?
No matter what size of skip you have, the full-limit is the height of the side of the skip. Level load means, keep to this level and don't go higher. The metal side of the skip container is the limit, please keep to this level. Using boards to increase the height of the sides is not acceptable.

Why are skip hire prices near me, not displayed in a price list?
There are so many areas covered, with so many variations available, that it can become very confusing to book the correct skip hire. Ultimately, to keep skip hire simple, plus to avoid booking mistakes and additional charges, it is much better to speak with one of our experts. Telephone or email, our aim will be to offer the cheapest price and for you to be fully satisfied.

Is Skip Hire cheaper if I'm a builder, garbage remover, gardener or trash clearance trader?
Local Traders are valuable to us, but equally so are individual Domestic skip users. We need all waste types to continue our recycling. Of course, if you are a regular user of waste skips you should discuss this with us, since we really are a leading local supplier of Trade Skip Hire for good reason. Bulk trash, regular garbage, commercial waste, we have cheap solutions for you.

How can we know you are trusted to not fly-tip our Skip waste?
We are an Authorised Waste Carrier and are fully licenced for waste transfer, management & disposal, as well as being regulated by the Environment Agency. Local Borough Councils use our services and we work daily obtaining waste permits from Authorities. Our large fleet of Transport at various locations also have further licences and tests for operations. We are well established and could not continue if standards were abused or criminal. Our reputation, backed by strict Governmental registrations, guarantees safety of your rubbish.

What happens to rubbish that's put into Uskips?
Not every Skip provider will recycle. However, our collected waste is processed through various stages and we have a large amount of machinery for recycling as much as possible. Our aim is always to send less to Landfill because of very high Government fees as well as the obvious fact that it's not good for this planet. You may notice that successful Skip providers are those recycling, while those struggling are the ones still sending to Landfill. Our investment in recycling machinery pays as we continue to expand, even if our skip prices are beaten short-term we are here to stay while others are closing down. Recycling your waste is the only way forward and that is why Uskips are best.

Are there cheaper ways for Waste disposal?
Skips are not always the cheapest way of disposing your waste, so choosing skip hire is often for convenience of removing large amounts of waste. If you deliver waste to one of our recycling stations we offer weigh-bridge systems at the gate, so you can pay per ton for disposal. This saves the cost of skip hire and many local waste removers & even other skip companies use this service with us.

Are there any materials that aren’t allowed into skips?
Anything considered Hazardous, as detirmined by the Environment Agency. Also, we currently no longer accept bed mattresses in skips.
You are responsible for not endangering people or the environment, so please note these items are considered hazardous waste:
• asbestos     • paint     • tyres     • gas bottles      • chemicals, oils, pesticides, solvents
• fridges / freezers     • fluorescent tubes     • plasterboard     • vehicle batteries
If you are disposing of any of the above, please give us a call so we may help you to find an alternative solution for waste disposal.

When is my skip collected?
You can call or email anytime to let us know you are ready. 7 days is standard hire, or the period agreed at purchase. If your skip hire period is coming to an end we will try calling you to see how everything is going and will discuss convenience of collection.

Collection was arranged but my full skip has not been collected?
You would need to make contact. Sometimes parked vehicles or temporary obstruction may block collection, or 'Level load' may have been exceeded making the skip unsafe for transport. Various reasons could mean a collection needs to be re-arranged, so we would request your patience and assistance in resolving any issue.

How do you pronounce Uskips or Uskip?
You-skip, U[ju:]skip or U[ʃu:]skip, with the letter U sounding like the U in uniform or U-S-A, not like the U in umbrella. Yew, j, u, a sound that can vary by language or accent but in English is the word YOU.

Where can I get the cheapest quote for skip hire? Why are skip hire prices not shown? Are skip hire prices per week? Is there a price list for Skip Hire? Who is cheapest for skip hire near me? What is the price for skip hire? How much does a skip cost? Skip Hire price includes permit?
The most common questions are about Skip price but there are so many variables. Small mini skips will be 160 to 200, average sized often around 240 to 300 while large cost 300 to 350 and then you get extra large too at 400 or above. Road permits do cost and these can be 40 to 80 pounds more, depending on Local Authority charge. Cheapest isn't always best so we aim to provide good service with lowest costs. With all sizes available for all areas we will have Uskips to suit your budget.

Do you price-match if I have a cheaper quote?
Sometimes cheap is not best suited and we advise caution. Saving 20 pounds might initially seem great but the reality is there will often be problems. Undisclosed tax suddenly added, costs for collection, unfair fines, there are many ways you can lose out with some alternative Skip Hire companies. Additionally, there are many 'cheap' trash removers who will flytip your rubbish. Don't take the risk, we are genuine & trustworthy. All we ask is that you give us a call and if we can't help then maybe remember us for your Skip Hire in future.

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